Consistently voted ‘one of the best cities in the world’, and known for its world class educational institutions, the city of Cape Town, on the southern tip of Africa plays host to the Catholic Leadership Academy. With beautiful beaches, mountains and extensive farmland, a creative and inspiring city centre, and an important history, Cape Town is a place of dynamic attraction. Visit our official tourism page for info, images and the multitude of reasons to get yourself here.

There is an endless depth to the journey of discipleship. This has been our constant revelation as we have curated content and reveled in the richness of our Catholic tradition. It’s the reason our course is structured as a full time experience over three full months. 10 September - 10 December 2017. We have elected to dive as deeply as we can into a varied set of critical topics and experiences. You will certainly not be at a desk 24/7, but expect to be challenged, and pushed to achieve things you never thought you could.

We are on the look out for twelve very special characters, individuals who love Jesus and who lead intuitively. Individuals with enough courage to heed the call to lead young people in the Catholic Church despite the ever-present challenges of the world we live in. You’ll need to be 18 years or older, connected to a Parish or Diocese, be able to demonstrate leadership strengths and have the desire to grow though some rigorous training and formation in your mission to lead young people to Christ.



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10 September - 10 December 2017


Building the Kingdom of Heaven



We do not wish to exclude individuals purely on the basis of affordability. Please note that the course fee is inclusive of tuition, meals, accommodation with host family, course related transport, outings and retreats. We recommend that applicants and their home parish or diocese share the course fee, as it is an investment into the individual and the community. Please contact us to discuss potential financial support, or to structure a payment plan should it be required.

Course Experience

The Catholic Leadership Academy places equal emphasis on academic, practical and spiritual formation. Everything we do on the course is designed specifically to prepare each leader for the important mission of developing a fruitful and sustainable, context-specific youth evangelisation platform in their parish or diocese through which to lead young people into an authentic and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our course is rooted in the Catholic parish of St Michael’s in Rondebosch. The church is situated near the University of Cape Town and has a dynamic and vibrant Catholic youth culture. It attracts a diverse mix of students, travellers, professionals and families both young and old. The large modern church, surrounded by manicured gardens, with its dynamic parish centre, adoration chapel and library make it an ideal place of learning and encounter.


All students will be hosted by families from St Michaels. They will live and work alongside their family as a member of the household. In this way, students are assured that all their basic needs will be taken care of, allowing them time to focus on their personal journey of leadership development. During their stay, all students will participate in the life of St Michael’s parish, finding a home among the richness and the challenge that is modern Catholic life.


Head. We teach an intro to Holy Scripture, Apologetics, History of the Church, Catholic Doctine on a variety of Issues, The lives of the Saints, Church tradition, Papal writings and Catholic Spirituality.
Hands. We believe in learning while doing, and so ensure that our candidates have challenging opportunities to practice their theory and to really become people of effective action.
Heart. We teach our candidates to connect with their deepest desires. We encourage intentional discernment, honest personal prayer, and a deepening appreciation for the movement of the Holy Spirit.

What now?


Our leaders' relationship to the Clergy

We understand the vital importance of lay leaders that serve under the guidance of their clergy. In every element of our training we emphasize the importance of good communication with clergy and the need to secure clerical support for all plans before they are implemented.
Priest or Bishop? Please contact us with questions or input.