CLA Phase One: Weekend 1

Dear Friends!

How the year is flying by.

Firstly, Weekend One of CLA Phase One has happened and was a great success. It was an amazing learning experience for all involved, delegates and facilitators alike.

We’ve put together a little highlights video to give you a taste of our first weekend which you can view above.

In other news, preparation for ‘Weekend Two’ is well under way and we are looking forward to seeing all the delegates again. They have been working on a service project in the interim and we’re expecting great feedback from our four groups. Please pray for this weekend’s success.

A follow up on the CLA registration process: CLA is now a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC). This is a great milestone for us. We are now taking the steps to open up a CLA bank account. Further communication on this to follow.

Porticus, the Dutch funding organisation have responded to our initial proposal by inviting us to meet with their Regional African Director who will be in Cape Town at the end of this month. The prospects of this meeting are exciting.

We have also launched a series of social media platforms. Please check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It’s a really simple and useful way to support our development. Thank you!!

It seems that on all fronts the Catholic Leadership Academy is making steady progress. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. It really does make a difference.

Wishing you all peace and blessings,


At the Cliff Face

It’s about time I posted an update. In fact, an update is woefully over due.

The biggest thing that’s happened since my last post is that 2013 has ended, and with it my employment at St Michael’s. I have been blessed to leave the role of “Youth Ministry Coordinator” in the great big hands of Steven Edwards. It’s a pleasure and comfort knowing that such a committed, prayerful and  talented guy is now running that show. It is bound to be an amazing new chapter for all involved.

I made the decision to move on from St Mikes so that I could focus more time on the Catholic Leadership Academy. What a blessing that I have been able to take this leap.  I have spent the last month grappling with the reality that now sits like a towering cliff face in front of a novice climber. The sheer size and complexity of the challenge is daunting, but the need to keep climbing is clearer than ever.

Adrian and I, and a few incredible volunteers, have spent the last month dissecting the to do list, building a critical path, refining our business plan and drawing up the relevant budget spreadsheets in as much detail as possible. We’ve also continued our fundraising meetings and have figured out a basic contract of employment for the interim phase before we have officially establish the CLA legal entity, which we are also looking into.

In other words, much has been done in January, and yet these things are really just the first few hand holds of an epic climb.  I am learning a great deal about myself, the church, business, non-profits and God. I’m motivated, excited, and looking forward to another month of grappling.  We need every single prayer and good wish. Please continue to support us through prayer and word of mouth.

Lots more to follow.

Young, South African & Catholic

The first people who will read this will be all those who generously gave me their email addresses at the recent SACYLTC held at St Mikes in Rondebosch.

Presenting this idea to you and gauging your response has been a massive highlight on the journey this far. I have no doubt that if you feel called, you will be able to contribute to this project as the journey unfolds. You’re all leaders and the Catholic Leadership Academy is all about training and supporting you in your ministry. It’s about providing you with the best tools and the most valuable skills so that together we can lead people more lovingly and more effectively towards Christ.

We acknowledge that there is still so much to do before we’re officially up and running, but we’ve passed the point of no return. We want to spread the word, we want to be vocal about our intentions, we are leaving the comfort of calling this an “idea” and we are pressing forward to make the Catholic Leadership Academy a reality.

We’re all South African, we’re all young and we’re all passionate about sharing our faith with others. These three things link us together in a very exciting way. I sense a groundswell of spirit-lead motivation to live our faith evidently. The many conversations I was privileged to be a part of at the SACYLTC suggest a fresh energy and a positive belief in the work that we’re all a part of. I wholeheartedly invite you into this movement and ask that you journey with us. At first this will mean reading my updates and sharing them with like-minded people (all over the world); later it may mean replying to questions, or volunteering a skill, it may mean opening doors to potential funders or perhaps serving on our board.

Whatever it means in the future, I humbly call you all to pray for us now. This movement must be lead by the Holy Spirit and so all your prayers for this intention will be greatly appreciated. We are aware of the need to remain prayerful and we ask that you hold us accountable to this always.

Please browse through the site and post your comments freely – we look forward to hearing from you all.

MAX Respect!

Tim (Harris)